About Us

Visible Voices has been providing CART services in Colorado and nationally since 1996.  Company President and CART Provider Claudette Mondragon holds the designation of Certified CART Provider (or CCP) from the National Court Reporter’s Association.  She is passionate about providing quality and affordable CART services to people who are deaf and hard of hearing locally and nationally.  She is one of the only CART Providers in Colorado authorized by the Colorado Commission for Deaf and Hard of Hearing to provide CART in legal settings.

Visible Voices staff members provide CART services to individuals and organizations throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado’s Front Range cities, such as Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Greeley.  In addition, Visible Voices can provide Remote CART services to Colorado residents in other areas, as well as nationally.  All our CART providers have advanced skills and are trained with the ability to write at speeds of up to 225 words per minute with a minimum of 98% accuracy.